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            ABOUT DC SCALE
                    Shandong Liaocheng Dongchang Electronical Weighing Apparatus Co.,LTD,which is an executive director of the Weights and Measures Association. It located in the state-level historical and cultural city, the tops national tourist city in north of Yangzi River--- Liaocheng city of China, City of Water, It is a professional manufacturer of measuring instruments for daily and specific industrial production. The manufacturer covers an area of 150000 square meters, which has many technical types of equipment such as: power, lifting, hot & cold processing, measurement testing, metallurgical physics, etc. Furthermore, there are 30000 square meters’ standard factory buildings and living facilities are supported..
                    In fifty years, the products have been sold to every comer in China, and gained worldwide experts’ praise. Recently, company’s strategy expands domestic and foreign trade. So we target more attention on developing appropriate domestic and foreign markets, which are based on “Quality Assurance, Life Accuracy”.
                    Since company established, has always been adhering to quality, reasonable price, tracking service, after-sale service. We constantly absorb in advanced technologies to provide customers with more high-quality products and best services in order to thank customers for their support.
                    The factory is located at Dongcheng Industrial Park, Development Zone, Liao Cheng City, where has superior environment and convenient transportation.
                    We sincerely welcome worldwide friends to cooperate.
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